Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fancy Tail Rooster Original Oil Painting

Fancy Tail Rooster
Fancy Tail Rooster
Fancy Tale Rooster is painted in oils on a 18 x 14 inch gallery wrap canvas with edges painted.

I took a picture of this guy several years ago and figured he would look good on a canvas.  Several challenges were offered by the reference photo.  I didn't like the drab back ground and the lighting was not the best, but it is hard to get a rooster to stand still and pose for the perfect photo.  The colors also needed some dressing up.  Since, I finally succumbed to using a very dark brown for the background, the black tail feathers were rendered in nice greens to make them stand out.  Hence, the name Fancy Tail Rooster.  He is available for sale on the below website.  Prints are also available in various sizes.

I like the way the fuzzy short white feathers turned out.  Hope you like the painting!

God Bless You,

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