Wednesday, August 6, 2014

St. Mark's Lighthouse Painting

St. Mark's Lighthouse painting is in acrylics on a 14 x 11 inch gallery wrapped canvas with edges painted black.  The lighthouse is located in Florida and there is information about it on the internet via our good friend Google.

In my rendition of the lighthouse, I took the liberty of condensing the scenery to basics and painting only what is needed to represent details, now I am an impressionist! I added some birds, oyster beds in the marsh pool, and painted the roof aqua green to face lift the ugly black.  I also like high clear skies and never ending distances in the background.  The egret fishing in the pool adds to the interest even though not a detailed figure.

I hope your like the results.

God Bless You,

If you are a new painter starting the journey, here is a couple of tips that you may like:

Pure white in a painting should be used sparingly as it represents the brightest light available.  As Bob Ross used to say in his TV demonstrations, "white is your sun".  A pure white lighthouse would be yugly.  Notice how the use of white in varying values creates the roundness and gives it a dimensional look.  Likewise, the use of pure black can be yugly, but by adding varying amounts of white very nice greys are created.  Suggest studying the use of "value" and experiment by making your own model of 10 shades of grey.

Please leave comments if you find the tips helpful or interesting.

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