Saturday, August 30, 2014

Flower of the Sun an Original Oil Painting

Flower of the Sun
I found a painting that I had not posted yet, probably because it was painted in 2007 before I started the blog site.  I had set it back with intention to rework the center of the flower and never got around to it until seven years later.

Flower of the Sun is painted in oils on an artists grade 24 by 18 inch stretched canvas.  I painted the stapled edges with a dark brown to compliment the center of the flower.  The flower is highlighted by sunlight bathing the petals from the back creating a lovely translucent effect.  The reference photo has some overexposure in the background resulting in a nice batch of bubbly lights.  I liked the effect and softened some of them into circles by spinning my brush.  Easily done in oils.

Flower of the Sun will be in our fall shows.  Hope you like the painting!

God Bless You,

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