Saturday, May 10, 2014

Rockport Sunrise Oil Painting

Rockport Sunrise, 30 by 40 inches, Gallery Wrap Canvas

Rockport, Texas is an awesome place for painters.  The beautiful water is filled with wildlife, boats, docks, and sea birds.  I was inspired to do the painting of this marvelous sunrise while we were staying at the Beacon RV Resort.  (Carolyn and I were doing a show at the SeaFair Festival)  The RV Park is right on the bay front drive overlooking the bay and their pier and shrimp boat.  (Great RV Park!)

Rockport Sunrise is my largest painting to date and I plan to do more.  When we are staying near the coast, I try to get up before sunrise and take pictures.  Sunrise/sunsets are fascinating!  The light is changing rapidly and is a rare opportunity to capture a "one and only" moment in time.  That particular morning, the wind was up and showers forecasted; hence, the palette for beautiful colors projected on the clouds and water.  I tried to paint the scene the way I experienced it that morning using photos for reference.  No camera or painter can ever capture the perfection of the sunrises God gives everyday; and, I thank my Lord for giving me the ability to try and paint it.

God Bless You,

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Tom Conboy said...

Beautiful painting, Jimmie!