Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Texas Countryside, Oil Painting 16 x20

Texas Countryside is another freestyle oil painting of things I love about Texas.  Also, an inspiration from the similar smaller painting I posted earlier this month motivated me to paint the scene bigger.  The larger canvas enticed me to put more in the scene and a bit of what is going on in Texas now (oil wells in background).

I like painting on 16 x 20 inch canvases.  They are a nice presentation size and will fit in easily on your walls.  Carolyn, my wife, frames my paintings including the selection and mounting of the canvas.  I took the picture of this one in the studio hanging on the particle board wall which I planned to paint, but once the easel got set up, I never got around to it.  I would rather paint on canvas than walls.

I hope you like the painting.  If interested in purchasing this painting or my other artworks, please email me for availability and price.  I accept payment over the internet through PayPal, a secure method.

Let us pray before we paint,

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