Monday, June 4, 2012

Indian Red Blanket Wildflower Oil Painting

Indian Red Blanket Wildflower is the first painting I have finished since coming back from our trip to the Texas hill country.  Very fitting.  The painting is in oils on a 14x11 inch gallery wrap canvas with edges painted.  Does not include a frame.

The hill country was in full bloom with Blackeyed Susans mixed with the Indian Red Blankets.  The trip was a mix of work and vacation.  We did the Market Day at Hallettsville KC Hall on the third Saturday in May and then traveled on Sunday to Bandera, Texas and took the week off prior to the Bandera Funtier Days on the weekend.  We spent most of the time driving around the countryside taking pictures of wildlife and nature.  I renewed my energy for painting and couldn't wait until we got home to paint.

We stayed in our Wilderness Travel Trailer and had a great time.  I highly recommend the Old Spanish Trail Restaurant in Bandera and the Skyline RV Park.  We also visited the Art Galleries in Boerne and ate at the Bear Moon.  I gained a few pounds on this trip.

I hope you like the painting and will click the facebook icon to tell your friends about my blog. Your comments are welcome.

Let us pray before we paint,


Simone Wilson said...

Hey Nice post. I am learning fast about RV things these days. I want to know are caravan park and RV park are the same thing? If not, what is the difference between both of them?

Jimmie Bartlett said...

I think so. I googled caravan rv park and most well known rv parks came up on the search. The Skyline RV Park that we stayed at in Bandera, TX has a large section of it reserved for groups which the manager told us was for "rally groups". I would call ahead to get information from a park to see if it works for your group of rv'ers traveling together. Hope this helps.