Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Duckie and the Grackle Gallery, Lake Jackson, Texas

Don't miss the opportunity to see the "Duckie and the Grackle Gallery" located in Lake Jackson, Texas.  It is owned and operated by my artist friends: Cherie and Glenn McBride - Duckie and Grackle.

I visited their new art gallery today and was quickly taken in by the grand art works of nature and wildlife.  Duckie's style of painting is beautiful and striking.  Definitely not what you would expect to see.  Her subjects live in a vivid rush of color brought to life on canvas.  Cheri paints in the Gallery where the progress can be viewed.  Glenn is the Marketing Manager and, a composer, designer, and poet.   If you can't make it to their gallery, I encourage you to visit their web site:

Hang some art on your wall,

Click the pictures to enlarge.

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