Friday, June 24, 2011

Garden Gladiolas

Garden Gladiolas, Original Acrylic Painting, 16x12 inch Gallery Canvas

The Garden Gladiolas was fun to paint.  The beautiful reds and varying light created some nice contrast.  This stem of flowers came out of my wife's garden.  The palette was mainly cad red med., cad red lt., cad red deep, yellow ochre, umber, sap green, tad of cad yel. med., and white.

In between trying to keep up with painting, my computer crashed and had to replace it.  I like the windows 7 on it, but---there is always a but, some of my older programs do not work in it.  I am rather displeased, as my old website editor will not work in W7 and I can't update my website.  I am trying out several trial versions of web editors on the market to see which will work best for my site.   If anyone has some suggestions re. web editors, I would really appreciate the feedback.

I hope you like the painting.

Let us pray before we paint,

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