Monday, June 20, 2011

The Cornfield Barn

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This is an acrylic painting I did today on a 9x12 gallery stretched canvas with edges painted.  This beautiful field and barn is located in South Texas on hwy 111 between Midfield and Lake Texana.  The weather is very hot and dry and the field looked like it could really use some rain. I used a bit of impressionism for the field and took artistic liberties with the barn.  I really liked the way the tall corn was crowding the barn and the colors blended like a storybook scene.  This was another one I knew I had to paint.  I hope you like the painting.

Let us pray before we paint,

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D. Tom Conboy said...


Beautiful painting! Farm scenes are some of my favorites! I know some people believe painting barns is cliche, but I really find them to be interesting subjects.

God bless,