Friday, July 29, 2011

Bluebonnet Painting 20x16

I needed another original bluebonnet painting to take to shows and decided to take the study I had done on 16x12 and paint it in acrylics, rather than oils, on a larger 20x16 format and hopefully make some improvements as compared to the previous study.  My biggest obstacle turned out to be the summer heat.  My studio a/c running full blast could not stay ahead of it during the day.  So, I painted furiously in the early morning and late evening and even then, it seemed I spent more time keeping my acrylics wet enough to paint with, than actually painting.  The humidity was also low which made the paint dry quickly.  I am switching back to oils for the next couple of paintings.

I should be in the doghouse for not posting much last month.  Most of my efforts went to rebuilding my website, where you can use paypal to purchase originals and prints of my work, and painting on the Bluebonnet.  Please check out .  I will be posting more paintings and prints on it.

We have two indoor Arts/Crafts shows next month.  On August 13, we will be in the El Campo Civic Center and on August 20, in the KC Hallettsville Market Day.  I hope those of you in the area will visit our booth.  We got some rain today.  I pray for more.

Let us pray before we paint,

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