Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Artful play painting Colorful Hydrangeas

I painted this patch of Hydrangeas yesterday using the wet on wet technique with no real plan in mind.  Just wanted to relax and have fun. The back ground was already prepared so to speak as I had been painting it with leftover paint from prior paintings.  The background was created with lots of texture as I just spread the paint  on with the palette knife.  Leftover paint can always be salvaged for some use later.  Saved in little seal-able cups is one way, and painting edges of galley wrap canvases is another place, or practice painting strokes as I did in this painting.  The canvas board here was 14x11 inches by .25 inch thick.  You may think I am a crazy old painter as some colors may clash, but most make harmony.  I picked places on the background that seemed to already look like the shape and color of a flower, and from there let the painting evolve.

I hope you enjoy my art and your comments are always welcome.

God Bless You,

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