Monday, May 2, 2016

Monument Valley, an original Acylic Painting by Jimmie Bartlett

Monument Valley original work is 14 inches by 24 inches by 1 inch deep.  Painted in acrylics on stretched canvas with edges painted ready to hand out of the box.

I finished the painting today with a few minor changes after reviewing it for a couple of days.  I made a custom sized canvas for the artistic appeal I felt best suited for the painting.

Monument Valley is also referred to as the Valley of the Rocks.  It is located on the Arizona and Utah borders in a region known as the Colorado Plateau in which sandstone buttes were created.  I liked the way the two monuments set in relation to each other against the horizon.  Getting use to painting desert scenery, after working with seascapes and animals, was a learning curve.  My palette used: blues, reds, yellow, purple, burnt sienna, burnt umber, orange, and little bit of green.  I enjoyed the work and hope you like the results.  This one would look great on your wall!

I appreciate comments you may want to make.  Thanks for looking.

God Bless You,

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