Thursday, September 15, 2011

Texas Hill Country Barn Oil Painting

Original SOLD, Available in print at

This is a small Texas Barn we took pictures of several years ago while on vacation.  Since then, I have painted it several times on glass windows, and now the first time in oils on an 8x10 canvas.  It was painted wet on wet in one setting under a high sky day setting.  If I paint it again, it will be in a larger format with a few more components, but will take longer.

I painted these years ago on glass when we were doing the First Monday Canton Trade Days on windows that were single pane about 14x28 using the permacoat enamels.  Good stuff, but dried fast, so one had to blend and brush it on quickly.   I sold a lot of paintings on glass that I wish I had done on canvas as prints can't be made off the the paintings on glass.  And, that was one of the prime movers to paint in oils on canvas enstead.

We are still needing rain in Texas.  There are burn bans posted and we still have wildfires going.  Many homes have been lost and people displaced.  We are praying for rain and the folks that lost everything to the fires.

Let us pray before we paint,

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