Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pineapple Painting Work in Progress, Getting Closer

Added more color and detail to the body of the pineapple today.  There is more to do to get the darker crevices correct and need to start on more contrasts.  I haven't gone back to the blades much, but I think they will start looking a bit more real when the shadows are put in.  The paint in the background and blading is now dry to the touch.  For some strange reason, I want to finish the body of the pineapple before the blading.  Tomorrow may come up with another corny approach.

The palette for the painting is earthy: yellow ochre, raw sienna, burnt umber, terra green, sap green, burnt sienna, and the brighter yellow light and yellow medium.  I plan to use a small bit of blue in the mix when shading the blades.  Also will be adding a bit more yellow ochre and siennas to the shadow side of the fruit.  I want the pineapple to look more ripened than what it is now.  I painted until the studio got too warm for me.  We are having a heat wave in Texas, so I paint early in the morning and back at it in the evening. 

Keep the folks dealing with the hurricane on the USA east coast in your prayers,

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