Friday, August 26, 2011

Pineapple Painting Work in Progress, Update

This is where I stopped for lunch today.  I have to get on with this painting as Carolyn wants to eat the pineapple I bought for the model.  There is a lot of canvas to cover on a two by three foot surface.  I like to block in the entire canvas with the background and subject before starting on much detail.  In this painting I did the background first to cause me less grief with painting the greenery blades.  The pineapple looks very bright at this point because I am going to add the detail and shadows last.   There is paint on the entire surface and should be dry enough to work on tomorrow as I am using liquin as my oil medium and this first layer on the subject is thin.  The background was layered on with brush and palette knife and has varied thicknesses for texture.  I want the end result to be very three dimensional with a realistic pineapple and an impressionist background.  This painting is already spoken for, but I would be happy to accept commissions for another.  Giclee prints will also be available.  
Let us pray before we paint,

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