Monday, June 21, 2010

Portrait Demo Pics

Some of the pictures taken by Raymond at the El Campo Art Association Show on June 5, 2010.  These four are typical of the demonstration.  I used a photo of my grandson Damon as a model to paint from.  The first pic is the start adding color to the underpainting sketch.  I started out not noticing I had given him a lazy eye.  It was pointed out to me halfway through the demo, thank goodness.   In pic 2, the group had gotten smaller and became more interactive.  I really enjoyed their enthusiasm.  People browsed the art in the competion and revisited us during demo to see the progress.  We discussed the portrait, paint, brushes, and anything else folks was interested in.  I had planned to be there for one afternoon, but they gave me the opportunity to demonstrate on the next day, so I came back on Sunday.  Pic3, I even changed my shirt for the second day.  LOL Pic 4, this is as far as we got with the portrait.  His lazy eye was fixed and the skin tones reached a reasonable valve at this stage.

Thankyou El Campo Art Association for enviting me to participate in your show. 

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