Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Good Life


If you are a cow, it doesn't get no better than this. I finished this painting today with the exception of clear glaze after it dries. This is the 12 x 16 oil I started a few months ago and stopped to work on other jobs. It was restarted early this week and a midway pic was posted if you want to check what I started off doing. Painting the bluebonnets is tedious, other than that this painting flowed well. Most of the background and trees were done with palette knife and the foreground was brushed in. I like the texture added with the knife as it makes the main objects stand out even more. What do you think. Knife or no knife or should it all be knife.! Hope you like it. Will start on a similar painting of a couple of young horses in the countryside tomorrow.

Go Paint,

For the folks that don't paint, but appreciate art, you don't have to Go Paint. Just keep visiting and feel free to post comments. Many thanks. Jimmie

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