Monday, January 16, 2017

Texas Market Guide, Check Them Out!

Texas Market Guide

I don't normally give praise to arts/craft show promoters, but the Texas Market Guide team is exceptional.  They are the most friendly and positive promoter I have met.  And shoppers, you will enjoy their shows full of unique items to see and purchase.  TMG is a family operated company and are also seasoned vendors creating shows for vendors to sell their art, craft and fine wares.   At this time I have participated in three of their shows and will do more.   One more plug for TMG---Shows are held indoors! 

I added a link to my blog for their website  in the list of favorite websites in the right side column so you will be able to find it even after this article rolls of the page.

As a vendor, I believe it is up to us to be prepared to have a good show.  A friendly attitude creates sales and friendship.  I hope you will check out the TMG website. 

God Bless You,

I like to have a picture in every post.
Pic of a section of our booth at TMG Winter Market Show last weekend.

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