Thursday, September 15, 2016

Inspirational Signs

Joshua 24:15

I painted several of these type of signs for shows.  The crackle paint was very popular around the turn of the century.  The lettering is by hand on the Bless This House sign where as the As For Me and My House are done digitally.

Above are a two more signs grandparents will enjoy!

The first sign I made today and the others several years back.  I hope you like the change of pace on the blog.  I still make signs for our arts/craft shows when not at the easel.  I plan to add more sign art to this blog, so check back to see them.  Thanks for taking a look.


added 09/17/2016

Completed yesterday on crackle finish.  Lettering and artwork is by hand.  The flowers are done with double blends and quick strokes before the acrylics dry.  

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