Saturday, December 20, 2014

Channel Lighthouse, Oil Painting

The Channel Lighthouse painting was created out of my imagination using oils and a palette knife for all of the work except for the impressionistic birds and my signature done with a liner brush.  The canvas is a 10 x 8 inch gallery wrap with edges painted.

I really enjoyed getting to use the palette knife mixing and spreading the paint like mayo on a sandwich.  Only one medium knife with a pointed end was used.  Blending the colors is so magical in this type of painting.  I was not going for perfection, but more for effect and keep the texture in harmony with the objects in the painting.  Notice the horizontal strokes seen in the water, dabs to create clouds, blends in the background sky, and edge work of the knife to make the house and rock foundation.  A soft touch is the key to getting the knife to glide and lay the paint on the canvas.  Palette knives can have sharp edges for years of use.  I clean mine with sandpaper and they do get sharp from that, so sand the edges to dull the blade.  We don't want to cut fingers or the canvas. 

Although this painting was a simple composition, I found it came out interesting and easy on the eye. 

Merry Christmas to All,


Tom Conboy said...

Beautiful work, Jimmie! Love the lighthouse paintings!

Jimmie Bartlett said...

Thanks Tom! Merry Christmas to you and family Tom!