Thursday, September 12, 2013

Texas Heartland, a painting in progress

I am real excited about the painting I started yesterday.  I call it Texas Heartland and will be evident when the painting is finished.  The work is in acrylics on a 11x14 inch stretched canvas.  I was given the goals for the painting and I get to design and paint what I love to paint most-- Texas barns and blue bonnet fields.

In the above, the first picture shows how the work starts, and continues into the second picture in developing the basic layout.  Notice the changes from the first to second picture.  Painters designing on the canvas continuously make changes throughout the work until it is refined and finished.  I rerouted the road a couple of times to find the best approach to the barn.  I call this stage of the painting the "block in", where basic layout and components are done and the entire painting has color on it. Also referred to as the under painting. The edges are painted with a dark brown to push the scene forward.  Now that a foundation is established, the filling and refinement starts.  Check back for the next stages to be posted.  Blue bonnets are coming.

God Bless You,

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