Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another Butterfly Oil Painting in Progress

If you follow this blog, you probably think I am stuck on painting butterflies.  Yes, I really like painting butterflies!  They are colorful and interesting.  I plan to finish this one soon and move on to other paintings for awhile.  I am considering painting a series of Native Indian series next.  I am researching famous chiefs now.  So intriguing.

This work in progress is on a 14x18 inch canvas.  There is a prior post that discusses the start of this one.  Here, the image on upper left is basically where I stopped on it to finish the other butterfly painting with the exception of showing some sky blue spread on with a palette knife to get it going.  (Using the knife helps spread the paint on faster in large areas of canvas.  The evenly spread and detail with a brush.  You may like the knife effects and want to leave them on your painting)  I also penciled in more of the flowers to help the composition.  I didn't follow the photo for the background and flowers, but used it as a guide to create a less busy and more painterly effect.  His antenna got painted over, but can be put back in later.  The flowers are based in and will get more attention later today.  The greenery is the next step.

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Let us pray before we paint,

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