Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tall Sunflower Oil Painting

Tall Sunflower is the oil painting I finished today.  It is painted on a 14x11 gallery wrapped canvas with edges also painted for hanging without a frame, although I think paintings look much better framed.   I wanted the sunflower to stand alone much taller than the rest backlit with a beautiful blue sky.

I used two photos from reference library of images for artists to make up the composition using the best features of both.  I like to paint flowers especially a single flower in portrait mode so we can focus on the great beauty and anatomy each and every flower has.  When several are bunched in nature, or an arrangement, the view becomes multiple and sometimes the focal point becomes one flower anyway with the rest in varying degrees of importance to the composition.  I placed the flower to the left side of the canvas and located the leaves to maintain the overall balance of the painting.  The work is still wet and is available for purchase at $150 from my etsy shop.  I hope you like the painting.

Let us pray before we paint,

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