Friday, January 20, 2012

Rooster Cheesebox, a crafty project

The Rooster Cheesebox is a recyled box I found in an antique store and I can't seem to pass one up as I visualize crafty scenes I like to paint on them.  They make great keepsakes for decor or use.  I would like to think one could put almost anything in it: hot bread/buns, cake, pie, papers, pictures, ~~~I painted this one using acrylics and will be putting it in our booth in the Old Alvin Emporium Monday.

Let us pray before we paint,


Scott Ruthven said...

Wow, that is a very nice piece Jimmie. I could see that becoming an heirloom for someone.
Hope all is well with you,

Jimmie Bartlett said...

Thanks Scott, I like painting on the cheese boxes. Recyling something into art is fun. I am working on another one and will post it soon.

Artoholic said...

I have a soft spot for roosters, even if they are noisy too early in the day sometimes!

I used to breed bantams, and they had the most amazing coloured feathers.

Nice piece!



Jimmie Bartlett said...

Thanks Cindy. We had a lot of roosters back in the day. Some real characters. I am happier just painting them rather than raising them. LOL Thanks for the comment.