Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Daybreak on the Bay Oil Painting

Daybreak on the Bay, 12x24 Oil Painting on Stretched Canvas
$200 USD plus S/H
I finished this one today.  I tried to capture the beauty of the actual daybreak when I took the reference photo in November 2006.  I brightened the water a little and lightened the sky some as the photo had a bit of color and value shift from what I remembered.  At daybreak, siloettes do have different values and color.  This one captured a lot of detail.  Check out the rigging and the figures.  Do you see the Captain in the cabin holding a mug of coffee?  The window lights were lit up by the glass reflecting the yellow sky.  The bouncing oranges and yellows bring out the action going on in the water, from the nose of the boat plowing through it,  and the churn wash from the propeller at the stern.  The sky backlights the strain on the rigging and cabling as the dredge box is digging up oysters on the bottom of the bay.  Notice that the masts and antenna are not painted black but lend to a tonal orange color to harmonize with the skylight.  I get excited about the power of light and shadow in contrast.

We were doing an A/C show in the Bauer Center in Port Lavaca, Texas that day and I got up early to shoot photos of the bay.  It worked out great as it happened to be the opening day of oystering season and the boats were already dredging.  I took a lot pictures, then went back to the RV to eat breakfast before the show opened at 9 am.  It was one of those days an artist loves and remembers.  Beautiful scenery and an art show.

The painting is still wet and is priced at $200 plus S/H and any tax or insurance that may be added.  S/H usually runs about 15.00 for ground rate within continental USA for packages about this size.   I plan to put a buyitnow PayPal button here for purchase after it is dry enough to ship.   Please contact me via email if you are interested or want to buy it now and I will ship it when dry.  (About 2 to 3 weeks from today.)

I hope you like this intriguing panoramic oil painting.  It will look great on your wall this Christmas.

Let us pray before we paint,

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