Monday, June 7, 2010

This is an oil portrait of my lovely wife Carolyn.  It is painted on a 14x11 stretched canvas.  I plan to paint another one on a 20x16 if I can get her to sit for me rather than use a cropped photo for reference.  I know absolutely nothing about how a woman combs their hair.  I just tried to go with the flow I saw in a couple of photos and hope for a soft realistic look.  She is ok with it, that is what counts.  As you would expect, I spent extra time on this one.  The blouse and jewelery were done more impressionistically.  I did go back and brighten the eye lights a bit more after this photo was taken.  I hope you enjoy the painting of my lady.

Let us pray before we paint,


V Bridges Hoyt said...

Jimmie, your wife's portrait is very pretty.

José said...

Hi Jimmie,

You did a wonderful portrait, namely conveying her smiling eyes, which is something not always easy and that can completely alter the result.

Kind regards,