Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Light House, An Original Oil Palette Knife Painting, Alla Prima

I painted this little scene today in about 3 hours on a 6x8 inch gesso'd masonite board with a palette knives.  This is no particular light house, just a derivative from my mind.  It reminds me of the lights of harbors that I saw when I was in the navy.

I wanted to try the knife on a small piece of work and this came to mind.  I had some paint left on my pallet from this weeks work, so I used what I had plus a bit more white.  I used the larger knife to spread out the sky and water to establish the horizon and switched to small knife for the detailing.  6x8 inches is a small area for me to paint, much less using stiff knives.  Although the small knife blade is the same thickness as the larger knives, it felt stiff due to it's short length and was harder to control.  Had more tendency to cut through the layers enstead of floating and blending.  I switched back to the larger knife whenever I could.  After I thought I was finished with the painting, I realized there were no birds in it!  We can't have a seascape without birds, so one more trip back to the easel for the birds.

It is going to take longer for this painting to dry because it is layered with thick textures, so I will not post it on ebay or take it to shows until it is ready to handle.  It is for sale.  Email me at to check for availability.

The light houses guided lost ships to safe harbors.  Jesus Christ is my guiding light.


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