Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lookout, Here I Come! Painting Of A Pelican

Lookout, Here I Come! is an Acrylic 10X20,
Gallery Wrap Canvas W/edges Painted
This is a new painting inspired from a day trip Carolyn and I took to Kemah, TX to eat some seafood and take in the scenic views of the coast.  The brown pelicans were the boss of the inlet where the resturants where and we were lucky to catch a shot of this big guy landing.  Also, started the painting of the big buck mentioned in the previous post.

Go Paint,

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Laurie said...

Hi Jimmie, It was nice meeting and talking with you at the Vineyard Market and we talked about printers. I'm really impressed with your paintings. You definitely have a gift. Here is a link to my photographs that were printed on the Epson 2200 before it croaked. All of them were printed on the Schollenshammer linen. I also have another photo album of my paintings in my Facebook photos. Unfortunately with Facebook you have to join to be able to view the photos. Laurie