Thursday, October 29, 2009

Great White Egret Painting

Great White Egret, Acrylic, 12 x 18 gallery wrap, edges painted,

This is the great white egret I painted earlier this week.  I am proud of this painting as I made the stretcher bars, stretched the canvas on the bars and then painted it alla prima...

My wife took a picture of this guy at the Matagorda Harbour on the inland waterway a couple of months ago.  This painting is so unique in composition in the pose of the egret perched on a log branch above the water.  Look at those toes and length of his legs!  We have been chasing egrets and herons all over the coast for years and were thrilled to get a reference picture this good to paint from.  The weathered logs really added to the scene.  I changed the background to a darker blue to gain more contrast.  I had intended on painting in all the wave action behind the egret as in the photo, but decided it would not add much and probably make the scene look too busy.

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