Sunday, August 2, 2009

Painting a Ranch House

The pic on the upper left is of a home I am painting which is in progress on the upper right. The yard is well manicured and full of flowers. I am past the halfway point and thought it would make and interesting post to follow. The straight lines, many of which are parallel to each other, made the body of the home a bit tedious to paint. And mixing color to match closely took a little time. The face of the house looks a bit drab as the shadows haven't been put in yet. The face of the house faces west and we took pics in the mid day and evening to see which would be best. Mid day didn't work as the entire house was in deep shadow, but the evening setting sun brightened the front porch area just right. This is on a 18 x 24 canvas and in oils. The palm tree in front of the house will add depth to the painting and the plan is to add more flowers. The trees are very tall and are just blocked in at this point. I will put in the cross rails on the porch tomorow.

Go Paint,


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