Sunday, July 26, 2009

El Presidio La Bahia

Goliad area. I took a warehouse full of pictures and plan to paint more of these scenes. The El Presidio is the fort where Colonel Fanin and his men were held by Santa Anna's army and then massacred during the Texas War for Independence from Mexico. There is a lot of information on the historical aspect on the Internet if you want more information. In this painting, I chose to paint the main complex of the fort so it would include several objects of interest: belfry and chapel, the canon, and lookout post. The palm growing behind the lookout post added nice greenery to the view. The sky was very clear but the pics had a faint hint of blue to capitalize upon and with a little accentuation made a nice background for the fort. I bent the colors of the walls and the chapel some. I hope you like it.
This was a fun painting on a 14 x 18 canvas. The visit to the historical landmarks in was so helpful in completing this series of paintings for the

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